tech advantages

  • Engineering


    The company has an engineering department with highly qualified engineers. Every swimming pool is individually  designed according to customer requirements. Project work and engineering calculation are performed using licensed software SolidWorks. Engineering supervision on project work progress is carried out at all times. We answer all the possible questions at all stages of project implementation. The company produces new designs of swimming pool equipment annually.


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  • Design


    Outstanding architectural design freedom

    Stainless steel is rather a ductile and high-tech material, which gives designers and architects broad options for creativity. Pool basin can have any shape – round, rectangle, oval etc. Our specialists have a vast work experience with leading architects of the country, which allows us to put in place the most a daring designs. Water when contacting stainless steel turns the irresistible shade of turquoise, which will make your pool look chic.

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  • Construction


    Our teams of qualified product assemblers and welders produce 24-hour montage throughout Russia and European countries. Montage of water treatment system is performed simultaneously with pool basin assembling that allows to minimize pool construction period.

    Stainless steel is resistant to any weather/cold/heat conditions and due to metal ductility, it is resistant to contractible process in building footing. Our pools can be assembled in projects under construction, as well as, in already finished buildings. For instance, on a penthouse terrace.


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Questions and Answers

  • What kind of stainless steel is used for pool building?

    We use only high quality stainless steel of European produce AISI 316L (Russian counterpart - 03Х17Н14М3). This steel provides provides excellent corrosion resistance under maximum (500 mg/l) allowable content of free chlorine in water (in +30°C).

  • How are delivery and assembling provided?

    We work closely with logistics companies and undertake all transportation arrangements. The cost of transportation is included into the bottom-line price in the contract. Experienced teams perform the assembling of the swimming pools in short terms.

  • How does one handle a stainless steel pool?

    As a direct result of the material’s inherent properties, the upkeep and maintenance of a stainless steel pool is simpler and the service life is longer.

    Unlike concrete swimming pools, stainless steel pool surface does not demand any special servicing. Stainless steel is excellent material by hygienic standards (compared to tiled/tessellated and film coated surfaces). Pathogens have no space to develop and grow.



  • How do you store the pool in winter?

    A stainless steel outdoor pool can be quickly winterised. No special measures are necessary for winter period because pool material is resistant to any weather/cold/heat conditions. In addition, due to metal ductility it is resistant to contractible process in building footing.

  • What is working lifespan of a stainless steel swimming pool?

    These pools have a reputation of “eternal” pools.

    Stainless steel’s immutable properties afford stainless steel pools a significantly longer service life than that of traditional pools. In Austria and Germany, pools have been operating for almost 50 years without any deterioration in their appearance and without requiring any major refurbishment.