Swimming pool attractions
06.10.2016 Pool attractions

Swimming pool attractions

We offer the following selection of pool attractions: ✓Сountercurrents; ✓Waterfalls ; ✓Geysers; ✓Hydro-massage: - Loungers; - Hydro-massage jets and air massage nozzles ; ✓Attractions control.

Moving water gives pools real charm. Water attractions make pools much more appealing for both, children and adults. 

You can turn your swimming pool into your own private aqua park using different kinds of modern water attractions. Swimming will not only improve your health, but also will make your leisure time more active, fun and interesting.

Countercurrent for swimming pools

 Countercurrent creates perfect conditions for swimming and entertaining the whole family during leisure time.  Who wouldn’t like the sensation of swimming in the river against the current and noticing that it is the same spot? Countercurrent is an artificial current system or artificial river. The power of the current is adjustable.

Countercurrent allows to swim against the current and get substantial workout even in the swimming pools that are not large. It also works perfectly as a vigorous water massage. Muscles get strengthened and skin gets toned  due to its influence.

The innovative countercurrent Gulf Stream (85 m3/h) was developed in cooperation with German company “WWS EISELE” according to the requirements of European standards.  Structural design is patented in Russia and Germany. 


Waterfalls are a decorative element and a functional device that is beneficial to your health.

The noise of falling water, its current and splashes, elegant shapes of the waterfall enhance the healthful atmosphere of the pool. A waterfall is an excellent means of massaging shoulder and neck area. These areas are the first ones to be blocked when a person is stressed, in particular. 

“AQUASECTOR” produces more than 40 kinds of stainless steel waterfalls of various sizes and shapes.


Swimming pool geyser is an underwater device. It is installed on the bottom of the pool basin and emits air bubbles creating a powerful geyser emission effect upon the water surface.

Geyser is a wonderful decoration of your pool and a source of your esthetic pleasure. Children love messing around in the bobbling whirlpool. After swimming in the geyser currents, a person feels liveliness, joy of life. Fatigue and latent depression back off.

“AQUASECTOR” produces more than 20 kinds of geysers. Geysers can be used in different pools of different structural design (tiled, film coated and stainless steel pools)


While resting comfortably on the lounger you get jets of water and air bubbles flowing around your back, legs and arms. This has especially wholesome effect for your back. Muscles relax, stress reduces.  Intervertebral discs stretch in semi-gravity-free state, which tones it and contributes to health improvement. Regular use of this device keeps your spine healthy, which has impact on general tone of your body and your longevity.

“AQUASECTOR” offers loungers and air massage seats. They can be made standard size and customized.



We offer hydro-massage jets that allow to turn a part of your swimming pool into a SPA resort.

Hydro-massage strengthens your body, tones you up, and soothes your nervous system. Your sleep will improve naturally after such a procedure. Blood pressure lowers, if it is heightened, because your body is relaxed and ready to a quality rest.

Hydro-massage is represented by a variety of jets and a variety of bubble jets for air massage. They are installed into the pool basin. When switched on, they direct massage effect opposite the pool side they are installed to. Usually they are installed to massage back area, sacral region, and pectoral arch. Water-air mixture softly massages and relaxes your body. Warm water increases the effect of the procedure.

“AQUASECTOR” produces more than 30 kinds of jets. Consult our manager on the matter.



Attractions control board is installed to manage attractions. This device serves to use electrical equipment safely and conveniently. Next to the attractions there are sensor switches. Sensor switches allow using the attractions with maximum comfort because control is always at hand. You can switch on and off the attractions while being in the pool.

 Have a nice rest!


“AQUASECTOR” will provide a selection of equipment for your swimming pool to turn it into an effective therapeutic complex.

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